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This week is aimed at MCI Trainees who are preparing for their assessment.
With a max ratio of 1:2 you'll get loads of guidance and feedback throughout the week. For the teaching climbing day we will be on a 1:1 ratio and will have real clients along for you to work with.
I am an AMI mentor for the MCI scheme as well as being one of the most active MCIs around and we'll also be joined by local, super experienced climber and mountaineer, full time instructor, and top bloke Simon Verspeak who will head up the Scrambling day because he's a Jedi at that, and he'll also be with us on the teaching climbing day to facilitate the 1:1 ratio.

Day 1: Guiding climbs
Day 2: Problem Solving

Day 3: Mountain Day

Day 4: Teaching Climbing

Day 5: A chance to revisit and round up.

Our Ts & Cs can be found here.

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