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Are you excited about Rock Climbing? We are, we love it! There’s something unique about the challenge of climbing on a rock face and it requires some unique skills, from rope techniques to controlling your fear. Do you want your first taste of outdoor rock climbing? Learn to lead rock climb? Push your grades? Or just want to hire a guide? Come and learn these skills on a course with us in some absolutely stunning locations, chosen using our extensive local knowledge, whilst having a whole load of fun!
If you like the look of a course, but the dates on offer don't fit, get in touch and we'll see if we can arrange something for you.


A learn to lead trad climbing course will open up a lifetime's worth of adventures to you! If you have a bit of seconding or top roping experience and want to learn the art of lead rock climbing this is the course for you. We’ll look at placing gear, setting up belays, abseiling , learning what to do when things go wrong and much more whilst getting on some great climbs in North Wales and having loads of fun! After attending this course you'll be armed with a lot of new skills ready to head out on your own. Max Ratio 1:2

2 Days: £295pp

5 Days: £695pp


Are you ready to take the next step in your climbing career? This course is aimed at competent lead climbers operating around the VS / 6a grades who want to break into the E grades or work towards 7a. The first day will be predominantly indoors, before we move outdoors on day 2 to put everything into practice. Areas looked at include: Movement, pre climb preparation, tactics, route reading, training, the head game, falling, plus much more, as well as plenty of climbing of course!

2 Days: £295pp


This course is great fun to run because we see people achieving their goals and having great fun on brilliant routes. Over the two days we’ll look at your strengths and weakness’s before tailoring the coaching appropriately. This will often involve a mix of indoor and outdoor climbing on crags that we know will work well for our aims. The Rock Climbing Improver Course will suit people who are already competent lead climbers currently climbing around Sev or 4 and are looking to kick start their journey to climbing harder. Areas looked at include: Movement, pre climb preparation, tactics, route reading, training, the head game, falling, plus much more, as well as plenty of climbing of course! Max Ratio 1:2

2 Days: £295pp

5 Days: £695pp


Sometimes people are after something a bit more bespoke. Whether you have a particular route you want guiding up, coaching to hit a new grade, or anything else we can help!

Get in touch to discuss further!

Day: £295


Really want to immerse yourself and improve your climbing, climb harder with more confidence? This two week (two blocks of five days) course will have you living and breathing climbing! Whether you’re fairly new to climbing or you’ve reached a bit of a plateau we’ll help you develop your climbing. We’ll look at all aspects of it from the technical side of placing bomber kit through to training plans, but most importantly we’ll be climbing absolutely loads on amazing crags such as Gogarth, Tremadog and the various Llanberis Pass ones! This course is completely bespoke to meet your climbing aims and all climbing will be on a maximum ratio of two clients to one instructor.

10 Days: £1350pp


Desperate to try outdoor rock climbing? Maybe you've climbed indoors on a taster session or just seen a friend climbing something on Facebook. This course will start with the fundamental skills of climbing and progress as far as your imagination allows you! We'll get loads of climbing in, on a variety of amazing crags. Smiles are guaranteed! No previous experience required, just plenty of enthusiasm! Max Ratio 1:2

2 Days: £295pp
5 Days: £695pp


Sport climbing is ace! The focus is on climbing with no faffing around placing trad kit, just clip the bolts and go! It's not quite that simple though, we need to know how to rethread anchors, retreat, lead belay etc. As well as the technical side of things we'll also look at some movement coaching, on route tactics and pre climbing performance preparation. Next thing you know you'll be booking flights to Spain for a sport climbing holiday!

2 Days: £295pp


Sea cliff climbing is something special, especially with Gogarth down the road! Abseiling into an unknown world full of adventure and wildlife requires some extra skills but it is extremely rewarding. If you want a taste of this and want the skills to start adventuring on them yourself this is the course for you. No prior experience required, just a spirit of adventure and some sunscreen! Max Ratio 1:2

2 Days: £295pp


In winter I head to Spain. Why? It's warm, it's sunny, and it's an absolutely amazing country to climb in.

Chulilla not only has awesome long sport climbing pitches, but it's a lovely, beautiful place to be with a few nice bars, places to eat and grocery stores.

It's also an ideal place to push your grade, especially as the bolting is usually super friendly.

If you're looking to push your grade and want some coaching and guiding get in touch to discuss what we can do for you - this stuff is bespoke.


Do you know how to look after yourself and get yourself out of trouble if something didn't go to plan? Can you get an unconscious climber safely off a route or ascend a rope if you're on a sea cliff and unable to climb out?

This intense day will give you lots more skills for your toolbox!

1 Day: £150pp

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