10th August 2019

Nordisk Telemark 2 LW – Long term review 2019

tent life

I’ve used this tent quite a lot now, in all sorts of weather and so have a good idea of how it performs.

I was very excited when I bought this tent. It’s 830 grams, packs super small and has a good amount of space for the type of tent it is.

Pitching the tent is doddle, inner and fly together and just the one lightweight pole, peg out the 4 corners and you’re done. In comparison I always found the Terra Nova Laser a little bit of faff to get nicely square and taught. I’ve added one guy line on either side and this helps with stability a little when the wind picks up – it’s a shame it doesn’t have more potential guy points though, the large panels are pretty prone to being flappy. A few minutes and your mini home is up and ready.

nordisk telemark tent review

The little bear!

Open up the side entrance door and you see the inner can slide in and out a little so you can alter the floor space to porch size ratio, I always make the inner as big as possible, and it still leaves plenty of space for kit and the dog. You can do something funky with the porch using the mini end poles, but I’ve never bothered.

Inside the space is ok. Long enough for me at 6’3”, plenty wide enough (even if the dog’s allowed in when the weather’s poor). The head space in the end is better for me that the Laser, its a much nicer shape, which means I get slapped in the face by tent fabric a lot less! It sounds minor but its got a massive side pocket for your bits and bobs too which is ace, a small point but it makes life loads easier.

So far so good, however in true Jeremy Clarkson fashion though, there’s a big but…

When the weather is not great, this tent sucks. When the wind blows the outer touches the inner, add in some rain and it’s virtually impossible to not get a wet sleeping bag. That’s just lying still as well! When it comes to getting dressed in the morning or whatever, you’re definitely going to touch the sides a get wetter. It keeps the rain off just fine, but the problem of outer touching inner is a big one.

tent life

Condensation. Good grief this is sometimes virtually unmanageable. I try and get the outer zip as open as possible, but I use it in the UK, it’s often wet so it can’t be cranked right open. Some mornings I wake up and am literally getting rained on from condensation, someone messaged me to say they take a bevy bag with them…

The trouble with the negative points is that they effect my nights sleep, so I’m not as fresh and raring to go compared to if I’ve had my regulation 8 hours.

Would I recommend this tent for UK mountain use? I don’t think so. The trouble is though that these kind of tents are inherently a compromise, I’ve never found the perfect one. With a good forecast I’m going to continue using this tent, but I’m in the market for a new slightly larger, slightly heavier tent for when the forecast is not so good, maybe another Terra Nova Voyager Super Lite.


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