26th August 2014

Litter Picking on Snowdon

Today was supposed to be an admin day, but after only ticking off a couple of jobs I was thinking how busy Snowdon must have been at the weekend, it being a bank holiday and all. There’s been lots of Facebook posts and other media attention surrounding the amount of litter on our hills, mainly on the big three – Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon, partly due to 3 Peakers but certainly not solely.

Having recently become single it seems I have more spare time on my hands now when not working so I thought I may as well go for a nice stroll with a bit of a purpose. I Initially thought about heading straight to the summit and filling a bin bag, but I’m not sure if the cafe does anything to look after that area? So instead I thought I’d take the Llanberis path as far as it takes to fill one bin bag.

It’s still pretty busy out and about, which is great to see and there were plenty of people on the path up, mostly families today and as expected there was a fair amount of rubbish about the place. It turns out you get a few odd looks wandering up Snowdon filling a bin bag!

So how far did it take to fill one bag? Well it turns out as far as the halfway station! I’m not sure if there was more or less than I expected really. Things that did stand out were the empty bottle of Bud, the standard lonely woolly glove but the amount of banana skins were unreal! Do people really think they just disappear overnight?! Other than that it was quite a few cans of fizzy drinks and water bottles mostly, plus lots of sweet wrappers.

This isn’t something I’ve done before, but I would do it again, it only took a couple of hours and on a personal level I felt happy to have done something useful. I very rarely use Snowdon for work, I’m not really involved in 3 Peak work but it is a hill that has suffered and always will suffer from over use.

Like most people involved in the outdoors I always pick up a few bits of litter during the day, but does everyone? Probably not. Should everyone? Of course!

Education is the key I guess, should there be more signage about taking everything home with you? Maybe, I don’t have the answers be we do all have a duty to educate our groups and clients as well as challenging others if you see them drop stuff, I have done that and would do it again.

Have fun in the hills, take your litter home and spread the word!

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