29th July 2014

More Sweating in Kurdistan and Learn to Lead Trad Courses Back Home

Well it’s still unsurprisingly hot and dusty in Kurdistan! Today was particularly unpleasant, getting blasted by dust and dirt in strong winds whilst replacing some seismic equipment…

The work here has been interesting and a world away from my regular work back home, that’s what’s great about working as an MIA, there’s potentially so much variety.

I only have a few days left on this hitch before a 3 week break where I’ll be back home for a bit and then off to the Alps with Heather, then I’ll be back out here for a bit more sun.

Things haven’t stopped at home though, we had a learn to lead trad course with Richard this weekend, which Stu McInnes stepped in to run for me, with Andy Owen (going for his MIA soon) fulfilling the photography and belay duties role. 

They went to the Milestone Buttress on the first day, doing a few routes there, finishing with the first pitch of Superdirect. Richard was keen to do a proper mountain route on the second day so Stu decided on Gashed Crag on Tryfan which Richard lead up with Stu alongside to help and advise. 

A great two days apparently with Richard being good fun to be with and quick to learn.

Feed back from Richard:
It was a fantastic weekend thanks, exactly what I wanted! Stu did a great job of tailoring it to just the right level for me and we did some awesome climbs, especially Gashed Crag on Sunday.”

If you are interested in joining us on a course, please get in touch to see what we can arrange.