25th June 2014

A Brief Update from Kurdistan

So after a couple of weeks of residentials in Brecon and then Swanage I had to pack for Kurdistan.

Terry Walker stepped in to run our Lead Climbing Improver course with James in Snowdonia whilst I flew off to Kurdistan, hoping the situation in Iraq wasn’t effecting the area I was going to.

Although Kurdistan has it’s own political issues, the whole ISIS situation isn’t, as yet at least, effecting us here. It’s pretty hot, 39 degrees but set to rise over the next week…

The work is keeping Seismic surveyors for an oil company safe in the terrain here, whilst we have a De-Mining team with us as well as a Security team. The work is pretty straightforward so far, but I still have another three weeks out here. The wifi here is awful, so limited scope for doing much with regards to posting lots of photos or responding quickly to emails…

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