14th December 2013

Rock climbing in the winter…

We’ve had some good weather and I’ve managed to get out a couple of times, including a very sunny day at Chair Ladder in Cornwall where amongst other things I did the second ascent of a new VS called Silver Lining. I’ve been trying to keep “climbing fit” by fitting in a few indoor sessions – it’s nice to keep ticking over.

Work wise I’ve been lucky with the weather. I’ve had a really sunny day at the Dewerstone on an SPA training, a couple of really nice days on the instructor course climbing at Sennen then Bouldering at Helman Tor followed by a two day exped on Dartmoor looking at ML skills where there was no rain either!

Not so sure I’ll get away with it this week though! Today I was teaching leading at Sheeps Tor and then the Dewerstone after we escaped the winds of Sheeps Tor in the dry. The guys got a few leads in each and are putting their skills into practice.

We’re climbing the rest of the week so fingers crossed the torrential rain that’s forecast isn’t too torrential…


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