Instructor Training Courses

We are Mountain Training approved providers of the Rock Climbing Instructor, Rock Climbing Development Instructor and the Mountain Leader Award courses. This is something we absolutely love being involved in, passing on our knowledge and enthusiasm so that people can gain the tools needed to get even more people hooked on climbing and mountaineering! We can also arrange bespoke training schemes to fit your aims and availability - get in touch!

rock climbing development instructor

Rock Climbing Development Instructor

If you’ve completed your RCI (or SPA) and want to teach lead climbing on single pitch crags then this could be for you!

The prerequisites for training are:
60 VS trad routes
60 6a sport routes
20 days working as an RCI (SPA)

You’ll need to register for the scheme with Mountain Training. Our bookings are now open for this course.


Training: £395, 4 days
Assessment: £295, 3 days
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Mountain Leader Course Wales

Mountain Leader Award

The Mountain Leader scheme is designed for people who want to lead groups in the mountains, hills and moorlands of the UK and Ireland. If you love being out in the mountains and want to share your enthusiasm with others, become a Mountain Leader and you’ll never look back (unless you’re checking your group’s still there!).

Mountain Leaders operate the length and breadth of the country with all sorts of groups of people; from scouts and schoolchildren to outdoor instructors and OAPs. The award is what you make it and there are countless opportunities for passionate Mountain Leaders.

We have years of experience delivering fun and relaxed courses, whilst imparting loads of knowledge!

We are also able to provide reassessments, please get in touch if you want to have a chat about arranging one as they are bespoke sessions.


Training, 6 days - £340
Assessment, 5 days - £340
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single pitch award indoors spa

Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) Training and Assessment Courses (Single Pitch Award)

(In April 2018, the name changed to Rock Climbing Instructor from Single Pitch Award.)

We ran more SPA courses than any other provider in Wales in 2017!

The Rock Climbing Instructor is for those wanting to instruct climbing outdoors and indoors and is made up of a training and assessment element.

We live for climbing and have years of experience delivering these courses, with a relaxed and fun atmosphere which we believe creates a great learning experience – even on assessments!

Please see our availability page for dates, we are also available for group bookings, get in touch!

If you require a reassessment due to a previous deferral, please get in touch and we can arrange one for you.

Extract from our 2017 moderation visit by Mountain Training:

“Jez is a keen climber and is regularly found cranking at the Beacon. His enthusiasm of climbing comes through as part of his course promotion and delivery, in which candidates feel in the company of a dedicated mountaineering instructor who keeps his skill set fresh along with a strong commitment to cpd.”
“Jez’s course was being run to a good standard and clearly the candidates were put at ease and enjoying the process, particularly the reviewing of each task with each other. The information flow was good and the syllabus was being covered in a logical way.”

Max Ratio 1:4


Training - £190
Assessment - £140
Including climbing wall entry
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mountain leader navigation

Mountain Leader Award Refresher

Have you completed your Mountain Leader training and would like to spend a day brushing up on your navigation or rope work? We regularly work on and deliver Mountain Leader training and assessment courses for various providers so know exactly what the required standard and skill set is, so we can help make sure you’re prepared, confident and ready.

We make sure we create a nice relaxed learning atmosphere and pick locations that work well to meet your aims.

These days are a mix of navigation and security on steep ground, if you want a full day of either just get in touch!

Max Ratio 1:4



1 day - £50
2 day - £100
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trad climbing kit instruction

Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI / SPA) Refresher

If you have done your Rock Climbing Instructor training, or the older Single Pitch Award training and want to be thoroughly prepared for your assessment then this day will put you through your paces and fine tune your skills. As course approved providers we are up to date with Mountain Training guidelines and are experienced in delivering Rock Climbing Instructor courses.


1 day - £50
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