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mountain leader skills

Mountain Leader Navigation: Tactics

Solid tactics are the key to successful navigation, putting together the building blocks made up of your various navigation skills. When assessing Mountain Leader candidates ...
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mountain leader and climbing instructor

Why chose us for your Mountain Training SPA / RCI or ML?

I did Business Studies as one of my A-Levels at school and I’m sure somewhere inside my head a few things stuck but it’s hard ...
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mountain leader course

Why I love the Mountain Leader scheme

I loved the outdoors when I was a kid, playing outside with my friends, making dens in the woods down near Westover Farm and suchlike ...
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climbing shoulder form

Straight Arms

A mini blog looking at shoulder form. Every climbing instructor and coach will at some point stress the importance of straight arms, but what do ...
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Mountain Leader training wales jb mountain

Mountain Training Moderation Visit

As a course provider for Mountain Training awards (Single Pitch & Mountain Leader), we sometimes get visits from them to make sure we're delivering courses ...
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sport climbing falling

What do you fancy doing today? Some low stress bolt clipping?

(Sorry, this is a long one!) I hear this a lot but it’s not something that rings true to me! When I think of sport ...
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Scrambling course cneifion arete snowdonia

And breathe….

The summer season has been a busy one, my busiest yet, which makes me really happy, but a little tired! July was a bit mad, ...
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redpointing at Torbryan

Performance Preparation, giving yourself the best chance of success

I remember the days of trying to climb something at my limit, be it indoors or outdoors, where my warm up would consist of an ...
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Scrambling course cneifion arete snowdonia

Climbing, climbing, climbing, with a little Mountain Leader training and assessing!

This year has been super busy, which is ace! I've had loads of great clients coming and going, we've climbed loads of great routes, navigated ...
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alpine prep course euro

Brits Abroad!

I'm really looking forward to my Alps trip this summer, it's always one of the highlights of my year and I'm also looking forward to ...
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five ten blanco white 2017 review test

They’re back!!! Five Ten Blanco / Whites 2017 Review.

I shouldn't get so excited by rock shoes but... well the whites are just flippin brilliant! When Five Ten discontinued these, there were some pretty ...
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ice axe arrest winter skills

A spring scrambling course

Well it felt like spring in the run up to this weekend's Intro to Scrambling Course, but come the weekend it felt very much like ...
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