We now offer online booking so you can book straight away! Feel free to get in touch prior to booking to ask any questions at all that you may have.

If we don’t have dates that suit you, then again, please get in touch as we can normally accommodate your requirements. 

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Aug 2017

Date Course
14th Aug - 18th Aug 2017 Intro to Lead Rock Climbing
21st Aug - 22nd Aug 2017 Intro to Sea Cliff Climbing (Fully booked)
24th Aug - 25th Aug 2017 Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing (Fully booked)
26th Aug - 28th Aug 2017 Mountain Skills, 3 days (Fully booked)
31st Aug - 1st Sep 2017 Performance Rock Climbing

Sep 2017

Date Course
2nd Sep - 3rd Sep 2017 Rock Improver
9th Sep - 10th Sep 2017 SPA Assessment (2 Spaces)
11th Sep - 15th Sep 2017 Hillwalker to Mountaineer
16th Sep - 17th Sep 2017 SPA Training
23rd Sep - 24th Sep 2017 SPA Assessment
30th Sep - 1st Oct 2017 Performance Climbing Course

Oct 2017

Date Course
2nd Oct - 5th Nov 2017 Original Mountain Month

Nov 2017

Date Course
4th Nov - 5th Nov 2017 SPA Training
11th Nov - 12th Nov 2017 SPA Assessment

Feb 2018

Date Course
3rd Feb - 4th Feb 2018 Scottish Winter Skills
5th Feb - 9th Feb 2018 Scottish Intro to Winter Mountaineering & Climbing

Mar 2018

Date Course
10th Mar - 11th Mar 2018 Scottish Winter Skills
12th Mar - 16th Mar 2018 Scottish Intro to Winter Mountaineering & Climbing